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 Career Advice / New Placement 
 Management Consulting

Individual, realistic and professional advice during the notice period with the objective to evaluate a suitable new function and purpose in life.


1. Consulting without any obligation
Situational analysis
Establishing foundation of trust
Presenting procedure proposal
Coping with emotions

2. Analysis of current situation
Wishes versus reality
Profile of strengths and weaknesses
Creating market transparency
Assistance towards self-help
Achieving consensus concerning
further procedures
  3. Strategy for job search
Presentation of marketing tools
Formulating job search
Delimitation/demarcation of tasks
Optimization of CV documents
Definition of target groups
Graphology test/reports/analysis
Additional therapeutic assistance

4. Training
Presentation skills
Interview techniques
Techniques in raising objections
Various case studies

5. Coaching (situational)
Preparation and consolidation of job
applications and interviews

Revision of original goals
Short-term control of success
Psychological care
Expansion of marketing activities

6. Success and quality control
Analysis of results
Corrective tips & advice
Final adjustment of objectives
Imparting/transmitting the OK feeling
Concluding talks
Provide full infrastructure services